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Discuss 1526750101

Minimal Fibers

Discuss 1526692502

Vuido builds desktop apps using Vue.js without Electron

Discuss 1526688901

Whiteboardfree – Developer Jobs at Companies That Don't Whiteboard

Discuss 1526649301

A program I made to email log files using Go

Discuss 1526642101

Simple and comprehensive tutorials in Deep Learning using TensorFlow

Discuss 1526631301

Feram finds and fixes bugs in your commits

Discuss 1526602501 – a collection of rejection letters

Discuss 1526591702, a forum for the crowd that hangs out on HN

Discuss 1526580902

Cannoli – A compiler for a subset of Python written in Rust

Discuss 1526580902

YaCy – The Peer to Peer Search Engine

Discuss 1526559302

Screely – Instantly turn screenshots into beautiful images

Discuss 1526523301

A complete Bash parser in JavaScript transpiled from Go

Discuss 1526490901

We created a successful Steam game in HTML5

Discuss 1526465701

CampTarget, road routing and planning helper

Discuss 1526415302 transparently showcases startups seeking co-founders

Discuss 1526411703

I built and open-sourced a raytracer to shade topographic maps in R

Discuss 1526307301

I built an open source Event management system

Discuss 1526300102

aws_public_ips, a tool to fetch all public IPs tied to an AWS account

Discuss 1526274901

I built a peer to peer publishing platform

Discuss 1526260501

Yet Another HN “Who's Hiring” Browser

Discuss 1526235301

Create-React-app-parcel, a CLI for Creating React Apps with Parcel

Discuss 1526188501

I've curated over 1500 articles for developers

Discuss 1526145301

I'm Creating a GitHub Repo Quality Bot

Discuss 1526120102

Strimpack – roll your own livestreaming portal, chat, subs, and forum

Discuss 1526066102

Upcall - Non-AI Sales Assistant

Discuss 1525976102

I turned my Mac's wallpaper rotation into a mini art gallery

Discuss 1525900502

Offline Object Detection and Tracking on a Raspberry Pi

Discuss 1525875301 – Cloud Storage for Developers

Discuss 1525792502

Jackal 0.2 released (XMPP server in Go)

Discuss 1525788901

Design for Blockchain

Discuss 1525752902

An Atari Breakout Clone in an Observable Notebook

Discuss 1525724102

How to Tune a Guitar

Discuss 1525720502

Trailer Nite – Find something to watch tonight

Discuss 1525709702

Wave-share – serverless, peer-to-peer, local file sharing through sound

Discuss 1525706101

When my builds fail I pay money to charity

Discuss 1525702501

Corral – A Serverless MapReduce Framework

Discuss 1525698902

Stadia Maps, reasonably priced map tiles, static maps, and routing

Discuss 1525652102 – bookmark links and fetch online discussions

Discuss 1525637701

Morning Cup of Coding – A curated newsletter of programming articles

Discuss 1525587302

~200 byte in-browser, no js, private notepad

Discuss 1525565701

LayerJS – A simple UI composition and navigation library

Discuss 1525353301

Interceptor – mock AJAX requests at the browser level

Discuss 1525331701

Alexa skill for Hacker News that summarizes articles

Discuss 1525292101

A Reddit-style search engine that doesn't track you

Discuss 1525281302

Skor – Drop-in microservice to get Postgres changes as JSON webhooks

Discuss 1525270502 – An app to connect with people within 1km from you

Discuss 1525259702

I've spent the last 2 years building a new email client

Discuss 1525252501

Towards ?-calculus

Discuss 1525216501

Vue.js Chat with AWS Lex on PubNub ChatEngine

Discuss 1525202101

Textable, Platform Agnostic polls

Discuss 1525176902

FPGA Ultrasound Imaging on a Raspberry Pi

Discuss 1525130102

ReLaXed – High-quality PDFs using web technologies

Discuss 1525104902

A free, lightweight static page to get stock quotes using the IEX API

Discuss 1525101302

Create your own crapcoin in 3 minutes

Discuss 1525101301

NowLink.Me, share a one-time download link to a file with anyone

Discuss 1525065302

8-bit Sounds – Studio2600 for the VCS (Atari 2600)

Discuss 1525043702

A little eye-candy for the terminal (in Go)

Discuss 1525018502

Web Audio DSP Playground

Discuss 1525007701

A fast, hopefully accurate, fuzzy matching library written in Go

Discuss 1524960902

Generating fun Stack Exchange questions using Markov chains

Discuss 1524950102

A proof-of-concept FoundationDB based network block device backend

Discuss 1524942902

Algorithms tutorial for beginners

Discuss 1524845701

TVStoMP4 – TeamViewer session file to MP4 conversion service

Discuss 1524748501

Copy tweets to Bitcoin's blockchain for $9

Discuss 1524690901

RemoteML – Job Directory for Remote Machine Learning Positions

Discuss 1524687302

A weekly digest for the new generation of developers and designers

Discuss 1524644102

JSON storage bins with schema validation

Discuss 1524597301

Fast 2kB date library alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API

Discuss 1524590102

Watch Stanford CS Lectures Together

Discuss 1524582902

Intuitive Linear Algebra and 3D Geometry

Discuss 1524546902

“Is this loss?”: A TensorFlow Lite app to detect Loss.jpg

Discuss 1524521702

Basic Google Docs Clone in Kotlin with WebSockets (tutorial)

Discuss 1524518101

API store

Discuss 1524510902

A collection of recursive css specimens

Discuss 1524507302

A Python Script to Download Thousands of Wallpapers at Once

Discuss 1524500101

HTTP/2 Python-Asyncio Web Microframework

Discuss 1524496501

I made a tool to generate webpack config

Discuss 1524492903

Interactive WebGL visualization of all 47K buildings in Manhattan

Discuss 1524492902

Giving a Broken Barcode Scanner a New Life with Elixir and Nerves

Discuss 1524492902

ReactCircle – Renders a svg circle and progress, it just works o/

Discuss 1524485701

HoneyMoney – 100% more Bees than any other personal finance software

Discuss 1524464101

Progress Bar OS X. How much % of a year/month/day has passed in menubar

Discuss 1524435302

Zones for Node.js using async_hooks

Discuss 1524406501

FunctionKit – Approachable functional concepts brought to Swift

Discuss 1524338101

Writt – Make and publish notes from Telegram

Discuss 1524320101

Vinyl record and sleeve grading tool

Discuss 1524316502

Parameterized PWM controller in VHDL

Discuss 1524251701

Faster.js – a micro-optimizing JavaScript compiler

Discuss 1524248101

A curated library of free music for content creators

Discuss 1524237301

Firefox trello branch name

Discuss 1524233701

A Face-Detection Library in 200 Lines of JavaScript

Discuss 1524212102

Lisp Shell

Discuss 1524165301

A tool for painless automated backups

Discuss 1524158101

I heard you like RSS Readers, so I built one you might like

Discuss 1524154502

Slate-md-editor – A markdown editor that allows live editing

Discuss 1524140101

IP Geolocation and Threat Data API

Discuss 1524068101

I Write In-Depth Wordpress Plugin Reviews

Discuss 1524032101

Decentralized P2P Messaging with Blockchain Verified Identities

Discuss 1523985302

Parcel, a simple resource bundler for Golang

Discuss 1523909702

JavaScript library for working with monetary values

Discuss 1523909702

Value My Funnel – Figure out the value of a visitor, lead and customer

Discuss 1523906102

Hacker Daily, a daily podcast for Hacker News readers

Discuss 1523906102

A minimal, native MacOS desktop app for checking regex matches

Discuss 1523891703

Phi-editor, a text editor implemented in Go and SDL

Discuss 1523852102

TrebleMaker – AI-assisted song writing

Discuss 1523744102

Push More – Receive Webhook Requests in Telegram

Discuss 1523704502

Tube – Minimalist YouTube

Discuss 1523646902


Discuss 1523643302

Umbrella Note – Simple, beautiful app for notes and journals

Discuss 1523632502

I wanted better offline music on the iPhone, so I made Doppler

Discuss 1523564101

A generator for random ASCIItabs

Discuss 1523236501

Phoenix 2.6 – a macOS window and app manager scriptable with JavaScript

Discuss 1523222101

Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy – A Developer's Guide

Discuss 1523218502

Awesome links related to the new React Context API

Discuss 1523207701

React Pattern Book – a low maintenance pattern library/style guide

Discuss 1523160902

Fileshifter – Easily convert files and videos between different formats

Discuss 1523135702

TerrainVer – Generate Worms-Style Cartoon Terrain in JavaScript

Discuss 1523135701

FileNation – A simple way to send files using IPFS

Discuss 1523056502

Glyph – Static Site Generator Powered by GitHub Issues and Pages

Discuss 1523045701

I wandered off and built an IDE

Discuss 1523027702

Kubernetes Security – Best Practice Guide

Discuss 1522941302

AI Grant 3.0 – Non-profit, distributed AI research lab

Discuss 1522890901

Web based audio visualization on RGB LEDs

Discuss 1522869302

A React drag-and-drop library

Discuss 1522865702

I made a Chrome extension to reveal zero-width characters

Discuss 1522854902

RootCause – Record, Replay and Reproduce JavaScript Errors

Discuss 1522854902

Evolving Corals with Neuroevolution and Novelty Search

Discuss 1522786501

Diamond – Full-stack web-framework in D

Discuss 1522779302

Started a list of apps and scripts that interface with FB's export data

Discuss 1522764902

I made a site that lets you search and subscribe to “Who is hiring?”

Discuss 1522761301

Travel spontaneously on a budget

Discuss 1522754102

Etherglade – Accept Ethereum on your site in minutes

Discuss 1522746901

Unlimited Web-App Testing Service starts $99/month. First test is free

Discuss 1522743301

JobInChain – Find a Job as a Blockchain Developer

Discuss 1522674901

See GitHub issues on a Kanban board

Discuss 1522660501

Cecibot – Censorship Circumvention Bot

Discuss 1522653302

Hipstafridge – Blockchain powered smart refrigerator

Discuss 1522653301

Moustique – C++14 coroutine-based non-blocking IO on Linux

Discuss 1522599302

Cryptocurrency Poem

Discuss 1522570502

Auditus – Ebook to Audiobook Conversion

Discuss 1522552503

Lag Radar Chrome Extension from Dan Abramov's Beyond React 16 Demo

Discuss 1522534502

Codec-beam – Generate Erlang VM byte code from Haskell

Discuss 1522523701

Nothing.js – a chainable, callable mock object, always returns itself

Discuss 1522520101

ipscrub, an IP address anonymizer for Nginx

Discuss 1522462502

ShivyC – Hobby C compiler created in Python

Discuss 1522444502

SpotifyTelevision – easily watch music videos for Spotify playlists

Discuss 1522433702 – AI Generated Web Dev Questions

Discuss 1522350901

C library for Linux to easily create modular projects

Discuss 1522336502

Turn indented text into mind maps

Discuss 1522332902

A site that makes Spotify playlists of bands coming to town

Discuss 1522246501

+300 Background Gradient Inspiration

Discuss 1522221301

Launched my first app where people hum songs for others to guess

Discuss 1522188901

HN Domain Leaderboard

Discuss 1522185302

Hotspot 3D – Compare Phones with WebGL

Discuss 1522181702

Textile – Return Facebook photo exports back to nicely-named galleries

Discuss 1522106102

Wishminer – Mining social media for app ideas (my weekend project)

Discuss 1522023301

FIND3 – an indoor positioning system for smartphones and laptops

Discuss 1521998101

I need your help: I'm creating a tech company naughty list

Discuss 1521904502

Live Face Detector Using Chrome's Native FaceDetector API

Discuss 1521803701

“define” – A command-line dictionary (thesaurus) app, written in Go

Discuss 1521756902

Transfer files to mobile device by scanning a QR code from the terminal

Discuss 1521731702

Asynchronous HTTP/2 client for Python 2.7

Discuss 1521724502

An AI app that generates quizzes from a photograph of a texbook

Discuss 1521645302

Sheet2Site – Create Websites Out of Google Sheets

Discuss 1521641701

Readymade Auth and Auth UI Implementations for Your React Native Apps

Discuss 1521544501

Word2Bits – Quantized Word Vectors

Discuss 1521530102

libRmath.js – A port of R's Nmath numeric library to JavaScript

Discuss 1521519301

URL Canary – Get an alert when someone finds your secrets

Discuss 1521479702

LCUI.css – A UI component framework for building LCUI application

Discuss 1521472501

Noderize, create Node apps in 30 seconds

Discuss 1521461702

SSH Permit A38 – Central Managment and Deployment for SSH Keys

Discuss 1521411302

Makesite – Your own static site/blog generator in 125 lines of Python

Discuss 1521288902

Spotifyd – A spotify daemon

Discuss 1521245702

Stratum – build WordPress-supported applications

Discuss 1521166502

Coherence API – Modern Serverless Code. Pass a func and it runs online

Discuss 1521141301

Fossa-cli – Fast and reliable dependency analysis for any codebase

Discuss 1521134101

CryptoFinalFour – Tradable March madness brackets as ERC721 tokens

Discuss 1521130501

Talent vs. Luck – A recreation of the paper's model

Discuss 1521116102

Where is Sci-Hub now?

Discuss 1521116102

Football Prediction API

Discuss 1521047701

Building a “Babel Fish”, realtime translation of voice calls

Discuss 1521033302

Macro – Keyboard Shortcuts for the web

Discuss 1520993702

Mindset – A hypnosis app for retraining thought patterns

Discuss 1520979302

Larry's Cheap Houses – Deep Learning Powered Real Estate Deals

Discuss 1520968501

LonelyPage – One page is all you need

Discuss 1520957702

Gitkube – Deploy to Kubernetes Using Git Push

Discuss 1520939702

AtomicWrite: cross platform library for atomically writing data to disk

Discuss 1520910902

Create hand drawn graphics using JavaScript – RoughJS

Discuss 1520892902

Using AI to Summarize Terms and Conditions

Discuss 1520878501

Ecoji, a new base1024 emoji encoding

Discuss 1520871302

Control IKEA Lights Using Google Home and IFTTT

Discuss 1520727302

Minimal native MP3 player for Mac

Discuss 1520712901

How to Make an AWS S3 Static Website with SSL

Discuss 1520669701

DataTable for React-Redux

Discuss 1520666102

LambdaPHP – Host any PHP website on AWS Lambda instantly

Discuss 1520626502

Scout – See lower direct hotel rates as you browse online travel agents

Discuss 1520626502 – Make synth music

Discuss 1520626501 – Find the work partner your project is missing

Discuss 1520615702 – watch developers code live

Discuss 1520615702

Tinder Revenue Estimate

Discuss 1520529301

Subform, a UI layout tool

Discuss 1520468102

Solving visual analogy puzzles with Deep Learning

Discuss 1520460902

1-click orders for open source electronics

Discuss 1520450101

Convert screenshots of equations to Latex

Discuss 1520421302

Retweet disabler/enabler

Discuss 1520417701

Open Avalanche Project – Using ML to Improve Avalanche Forecasting

Discuss 1520378101

MyCryptoWiki – A free Crypto-currency coin Wiki

Discuss 1520370901

Investment Calculator – A simple retirement calculator

Discuss 1520352901

I made a podcast featuring true stories about hackers and cyber crime

Discuss 1520280901

Hearth, a Dropbox-like, IPFS-powered personal website publisher

Discuss 1520270102

The king of the sidewalk: Extreme pimping of my sons ride-on

Discuss 1520262902

A simple React table library using CSS Grid Layout

Discuss 1520198102

Emacs Anywhere

Discuss 1520183701

Quickly build a production ready image classifier from your images

Discuss 1520118901

Read any story on Medium for free!

Discuss 1520104501

Get Rails performance metrics into Chrome Dev Tools

Discuss 1520100901

Note Kitchen – Learn piano chords and scales

Discuss 1520032501

Cloudrun – Numerical weather prediction in the cloud

Discuss 1520025302

My embarrassing personal website from the 90s

Discuss 1520025301

Synapse, a full featured BitTorrent client in Rust

Discuss 1520021702

WebGL Demo in ReasonML

Discuss 1519992902

Spectre exploit demo

Discuss 1519971302

Wagtail 2.0 is a big release for our Python CMS

Discuss 1519917301

Shiori – Simple self hosted bookmarks manager

Discuss 1519906502

Graphite – A decentralized and encrypted Google Docs alternative

Discuss 1519899302

Bitcoin Layer 2 (Lightning Network) Search and Analysis Engine

Discuss 1519859702

Need a name for your startup? We wrote a domain name generator in React

Discuss 1519841701

A Free, Fast and Beautiful Way to Accept Donations

Discuss 1519838103

Web Scraping in Google Sheets

Discuss 1519838102

A Root Cause Analysis EBook [pdf]

Discuss 1519838102

Tiiiny growth ideas for SaaS

Discuss 1519766102

A chrome extension that tracks front-end JavaScript at runtime

Discuss 1519744501

Deploy a Go Lambda to Ping a Site in 20 Seconds

Discuss 1519697703

I implemented an algorithm for smoothly filling holes in 3D meshes

Discuss 1519686902

A Diagram Editor for JupyterLab

Discuss 1519679702

Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Discuss 1519676101 – HTML Forms for Static Sites

Discuss 1519665301

Fastr – Reload Optimizing Chrome Extension

Discuss 1519568101

Creating Custom Ubuntu Web Link App

Discuss 1519557301

Mitmproxy 3.0 released, an open-source console-based proxy

Discuss 1519478102

Passpwn – check passwords in pass against haveibeenpwned

Discuss 1519470901

GitHub Trending Repos

Discuss 1519398902

Hacker News Classics

Discuss 1519348501

Read ArXiv Papers on Semantic Scholar as Responsive HTML Documents

Discuss 1519337702

git self-blame – Blame yourself for others' mistakes

Discuss 1519334101

A List of Hacker News's Undocumented Features and Behaviors

Discuss 1519316101

Headless Chrome Crawler

Discuss 1519308901

Use encrypted passwords in shell scripts signed with your SSH key

Discuss 1519254901

Scale 3D, API for 3D labeling of LIDAR, camera, and radar data

Discuss 1519251302

Mux Video, a simple API to powerful video streaming

Discuss 1519236902

CSS selector generator for shortest, unique, robust selectors – finder

Discuss 1519226102

Introduction to Simple Computational Geometry Concepts Using C++

Discuss 1519226102

Checkbot for Chrome – web crawler that tests for web best practices

Discuss 1519154102

A CSS Keylogger

Discuss 1519154102

Build Boss Dev Cycle (simple Git and dev flow for beginners)

Discuss 1519136102

How software products/projects/companies got their name

Discuss 1519132502


Discuss 1519042501

Web 3.0 Application Starter: Vue Front-End, Ethereum / IPFS Back End

Discuss 1518999302

Raw.macro – Webpack raw-loader implemented as babel-plugin-macros

Discuss 1518992102

A list of swag opportunities for developers

Discuss 1518981301

Submerger – A SRT subtitles merger useful to study new languages

Discuss 1518938101

Simple monthly passive income calculator

Discuss 1518916501

Kismet – get an e-mail introduction to a fellow HN member every day

Discuss 1518812102

OpenBSD Email Service, self-hosted free-email alternative for ~$2.50/mo

Discuss 1518794101

Bookmarklet to view full size photos from Google Images

Discuss 1518754502

My Native Linux Chromecasting App – Gnomecast

Discuss 1518736502

We Built a Punny 3D Interactive Valentine's Card w/ three.js and Preact

Discuss 1518639301

Open Source Constellation T-Shirts

Discuss 1518635702

Badge Designer Tool

Discuss 1518574502 – Unique, procedurally made-to-order wall art

Discuss 1518563702

Curated, Pretrained ML Models for Transfer Learning

Discuss 1518545702

Web scraping page analyzer – probe HTML, XHRs,, JavaScript vars,

Discuss 1518531301 – Time limited coding challenges for interviews via git

Discuss 1518506102

Remote Desktop from any browser

Discuss 1518452102

Turn your GitHub Gist into a live dashboard

Discuss 1518437702

Customer Analytics for your Websites

Discuss 1518408902

Spry Language

Discuss 1518380102

Generating GraphQL servers for golang

Discuss 1518358502

Is OpenCV enough to do a labeling tool? Hell yeah

Discuss 1518218101

Onomics – Make D3 Tables

Discuss 1518214502

Automatic detection of non-colorblind safe colors

Discuss 1518189305

TablePlus – A macOS client for relational databases

Discuss 1518185702

Thanks – See which NPM dependencies are seeking donations

Discuss 1518142502

Find you here the perfect photo for your work

Discuss 1518113702 – A neural network that has learned to insult

Discuss 1518110102

HNBuddy – A fast and elegant HN client for iOS

Discuss 1518110102

Carbon Doomsday – Graph and API of Earth's Carbon Dioxide

Discuss 1518106501

Dotmesh – A git-like CLI for application states

Discuss 1518030902

An extension to turn your LinkedIn into a resume/CV

Discuss 1518027302

Go Library for the VMware VSphere API

Discuss 1518023701

Fragmentos fragmentation system

Discuss 1517948102

Making PyQt a viable alternative to Electron

Discuss 1517948101

Tet – A Todo app that deletes your todos ( Yep it does that)a

Discuss 1517933702

AcceleratorX Book – 62 alumni share how to get into YCombinator

Discuss 1517933702

Ask a Dev

Discuss 1517933701

Algebraic Number Theory in Python 3

Discuss 1517840102

I implemented seamless copy and paste of images, and wrote a tutorial

Discuss 1517811301

A Tetris clone written in ES6 using reactjs and reactive programming

Discuss 1517796902

Online web tools to get your work done faster

Discuss 1517796902

Embedding Deep Learning models into your Slides using R

Discuss 1517778902

Math Art Snapchat AR Lens

Discuss 1517771702

Simple Print – Convert web articles into printable PDFs

Discuss 1517750103

Freework – Time tracking for freelancers

Discuss 1517678101

Golang automation for mining cryptocurrencies on the Spot Market

Discuss 1517667302

More feedback for Show HN stories

Discuss 1517591702

Veros, a high-performance ocean simulator in pure Python

Discuss 1517530502

A dating app that matches people based on their password

Discuss 1517519701

Transfer, easy transfer learning for image classification

Discuss 1517494501

A HN/Reddit-style site for scientific pre-prints and publications

Discuss 1517480102

Hyperlogs – Time Tracking has never been easier

Discuss 1517433302

Observable Notebooks

Discuss 1517418902

A Decentralized StatusPage on IPFS

Discuss 1517408102

One Click Shrug Emoji Copy

Discuss 1517364902

Card Proxy Generator – Generate printable game cards from JSON

Discuss 1517253301

The ZynAddSubFX open source musical synthesizer

Discuss 1517235301

Gymphy – Create Free Shareable Workout Plans

Discuss 1517123703

Switchboard – makes it easy to route incoming calls and messages

Discuss 1517123702

How to store four 5 bit values in one 16 bit value

Discuss 1517102101 – Collectible fighting robots on the blockchain

Discuss 1517080502

ML data annotations and tagging made super easy

Discuss 1517073302

Find a co-founder/hacker for your project

Discuss 1517069702

A blockchain alternative to Airbnb

Discuss 1517037301

A radically more scalable alternative to Bayesian Optimization

Discuss 1517004902

Stylepill – Share your project's UI components with your coworkers

Discuss 1517001302 – Add screen sharing to any iOS or Android mobile app

Discuss 1516990502

Interactive Ansible Tutorial

Discuss 1516954502

The last person to use this button gets $200+ USD, via Smart Contracts

Discuss 1516907702

PonziCoin, a transparent, decentralized Ponzi Scheme you can trust

Discuss 1516824902

RetroClip – Instant Replay for Your Mac

Discuss 1516814102

2018 Developer Skills Report

Discuss 1516763701 – Compare career ladders across companies

Discuss 1516742102

Self generated custom art for your home or Airbnb

Discuss 1516742101

A crypto news scraper inspired by Hacker News

Discuss 1516724101

Paper Programs – run JavaScript on pieces of paper

Discuss 1516695301

Connect to Your Data, Clean, Wrangle, Combine, Explore, Publish

Discuss 1516688102

HTML5 webcam pics to email with motion detection

Discuss 1516644902

Revenue Forecasting for SaaS Apps

Discuss 1516637702

Peer-to-peer chat example built with JavaScript IPFS

Discuss 1516619701

On-disk B+tree for Python 3

Discuss 1516565702

2D multiplayer battle royale game

Discuss 1516554902

Low cost CO? monitoring (your office) with Prometheus and Go

Discuss 1516486502

Turn a source image into an animated party emoji

Discuss 1516475702

Hyperfine – a command-line benchmarking tool

Discuss 1516461301

Pay-per-minute video/audio calls with WebRTC

Discuss 1516454102

Haproxy-auth-request – HTTP access control using subrequests

Discuss 1516392902 – Netboot Run-From-RAM OS's on AWS, Google and Digital Ocean

Discuss 1516389301

Triangulart – Isometric graphic editor, like pixel art with triangles

Discuss 1516371302

Collateralized Debt Agreements Using Smart Contracts and Virtual Cats

Discuss 1516310101

React component using CSS Grids for dynamic layouts

Discuss 1516302901

AirHelp flight scanner finds all past flights and checks for eligibility

Discuss 1516274101

Datasette Publish – Turn CSVs into a SQLite-Backed JSON API

Discuss 1516227302

Noticeable – Easily keep your audience updated on what's new

Discuss 1516202102

Genact – A nonsense activity generator

Discuss 1516194902

New data processing paradigm – an alternative to map-reduce pandas SQL

Discuss 1516133702 – Find the best trending websites

Discuss 1516122902

HardyPress – Use WordPress as a static site generator

Discuss 1516108501

FileNation – A simple way to send files using IPFS

Discuss 1516054502

Create React Native Apps with TypeScript and Ignite

Discuss 1516043701

VNote, a fresh Markdown note-taking app

Discuss 1516018502

Languagecrunch – NLP server Docker image

Discuss 1515950101

Simple Pascal interpreter written in Swift

Discuss 1515842101

We were mediocre at HQ Trivia. Then we brought in machine learning

Discuss 1515802502

Bato – A Filipino Programming Language

Discuss 1515766501

Making a bike route of every road in Atlanta

Discuss 1515744902

TensorFlow-Resources – Organized and Useful Resources about TensorFlow

Discuss 1515698102

Rufus – a free, open source RSS reader

Discuss 1515687302

CodeOwl – Organize your notes, todos, and code-snippets in one place

Discuss 1515615302

Monthly subscription airline with SFO-LAX flights starting at $78

Discuss 1515608102

Nerv – A fast React alternative, compatible with IE8 and React 16

Discuss 1515608101

HighwayHash optimized implementation in Go, 10 GB/sec per core on Intel

Discuss 1515572101

Hooks Data API – Realtime Data about Thousands of Topics Over Webhooks

Discuss 1515528902 – a fake data modeler

Discuss 1515518102

HyperLogLog intersections

Discuss 1515431701

A Digital Marketplace I Built, with Deep Git Integration

Discuss 1515424502

Pushup alarm – A React app that uses your webcam to count pushups

Discuss 1515424502

PL/Swift – PostgreSQL Functions in Swift

Discuss 1515359701

CryptoRoulette how much is worth now $1,000 of cryptos from last year

Discuss 1515352502

A simple Go web server with logging, tracing, health check

Discuss 1515348902

Terminal, a sandboxed command-line interface for iOS

Discuss 1515280502

Eel – a simple Python library for making little HTML GUI applications

Discuss 1515269701

Etymap – interactive visualization of Wiktionary words and etymologies

Discuss 1515266102

Jail-Testing How Internet Chemotherapy Works

Discuss 1515266102

detecting cache latency inside a Web browser

Discuss 1515230101

Cixl – a minimal, decently typed scripting language

Discuss 1515197701

Command Line Tool to Sort CSV and TSV Files by Multiple Headings in Go

Discuss 1515176102

Ipfs-dropzone, a subclass of Dropzone.js that publishes to IPFS

Discuss 1515165301

C-Mera, a Common-Lisp source-to-source compiler to generate C/C++

Discuss 1515150901

An illustration of Web Developer tools in 2018

Discuss 1515111301

HNNotify – Get emailed when a users reply to your HN Posts and Comments

Discuss 1515082502

PAST, a secure alternative to JWT

Discuss 1515078902

React-Redux-Sass Starter Kit

Discuss 1515057302

HNCute, a pretty pink Hacker News theme

Discuss 1515021302

Cipher – Mobile Ethereum Web3 DApp Browser (Think MetaMask for Mobile)

Discuss 1515006902

VidDistill – Automated YouTube Video Summarization Using Captions

Discuss 1514992501

Sapper.js – towards a better web app framework

Discuss 1514913302

Mask R-CNN Neural Network for Mapping Sport Fields in OpenStreetMap

Discuss 1514909701

Athena – A community-curated repository of great learning resources

Discuss 1514902502

A game my 12-year-old daughter wrote

Discuss 1514862901

GigaDiff – derisk your release with automated bug prediction

Discuss 1514823301

Order pizza with random toppings

Discuss 1514758502

Embedded v8 inspector integration with chromedev tools front end

Discuss 1514661302

Simple Gameboy Emulator

Discuss 1514600102

Themer – a CLI for generating themes for all your tools

Discuss 1514470501

Ad Revenue Prediction Tool for Side Projects

Discuss 1514409301

Data Prism – Weekly newsletter about data science, ML, AI and analytics

Discuss 1514312102

Convert your Google Slides to high-quality animated GIFs and tweet

Discuss 1514297701

Sundown – an alternative to Markdown

Discuss 1514240101

Solo – App for sharing loneliness and aloneness

Discuss 1514160902

A list of software that turns your database into a REST/GraphQL API

Discuss 1514121302

Live Reloading WebGL Shaders

Discuss 1514085302

Nymph – A slightly different version of C

Discuss 1514056502

Progressive Resume Generator

Discuss 1513962901

One year devoted to open source and I've almost made $2 – horrraaaaay

Discuss 1513959301

Byte Arena – Code Your Fighter Bot

Discuss 1513937701

Open Paperless-Scan, index, and archive all of your paper documents

Discuss 1513898102

My First OSS Project, Classic Finder

Discuss 1513880101

Tool for visualizing GitHub profiles

Discuss 1513854901

Art tool for making deep dream videos (Go, Python, HTML)

Discuss 1513815301

Video subtitle maker

Discuss 1513808101

Cryptocurrency portfolio app on Blockstack

Discuss 1513800901

Termipal – native micro-GUIs for shell scripts and command line apps

Discuss 1513797302

Library of API collections for Postman

Discuss 1513775701

A Platform for Many-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Discuss 1513725302

NSL Archive – a comprehensive record of publicly disclosed NSLs

Discuss 1513710901

Ethereum Canvas – Draw on the blockchain

Discuss 1513707302

Swapping Position and Brightness in Grayscale Images

Discuss 1513707302

Project Management as Code with Graphviz

Discuss 1513674902

Delaunay Triangulating Robert Delaunay's Eiffel Tower Paintings

Discuss 1513674902

All politicians of Switzerland

Discuss 1513664101

Encrypt your home-lab server disks using AWS Key Management Service

Discuss 1513638901

Dependabot – Automated Dependency Update PRs for Ruby, JS, Python and PHP

Discuss 1513624501

Cr – Runs your tasks at maximum concurrency

Discuss 1513610102 – instant encrypted web chat ( and Web Crypto API)

Discuss 1513570502

Interactive polynomial roots toy

Discuss 1513538102

Using word vectors to classify spam messages

Discuss 1513534501

An educational blockchain implementation in Python

Discuss 1513530902

WebRTC Data Channels Example for Actual Dummies

Discuss 1513433701

MyTwoCents – browser extension to put a comment section on any website

Discuss 1513415702

Cloud Backend – a scalable database and API builder in the cloud

Discuss 1513350902

Authian – Open Source 2-Factor Authentication Using Instant Messengers

Discuss 1513347302 – Should Your EC2 Be a Lambda?

Discuss 1513282502

Jazzle – An Innovative, Fast Transpiler for ECMAScript 2015 and later

Discuss 1513239301

Python library for functional programming

Discuss 1513224903

Hiding code from Git diff

Discuss 1513199702

Accelerate SHA256 Computations in Pure Go Using AVX512 instructions

Discuss 1513199701

Work at a Startup – Find a Job at a YC Company

Discuss 1513192502

Fullstack React Native – A Project-Based Guide to Learning React Native

Discuss 1513188902

Build your Linux from Scratch inside Docker with one command

Discuss 1513116902

Culture Queries - The best questions to ask during your job interview

Discuss 1513113302

GiveHongBao – Raise Ethereum for any cause, anywhere in the world

Discuss 1513106102

Joy – a Go to JavaScript compiler

Discuss 1513102502 – 2017 JFK declassified docs, OCR'd/text search

Discuss 1513030502

LibreRead 1.0 – Self-Hosted Free(Libre) Ebook Reader

Discuss 1513008901

Sandglass – Distributed, scalable, persistent time-sorted message queue

Discuss 1512983702

cmus-osx – Tightly integrates cmus command line music player into macOS

Discuss 1512947701

Enlight – Learn to code by building projects

Discuss 1512936902

MIDI chat over WebRTC

Discuss 1512933301

Airmash – Multiplayer Missile Warfare (HTML5 Game)

Discuss 1512926101

hn-ratio – Hacker News Ranked by Comment/Score Ratio

Discuss 1512915301

Hazmat Math – Elliptic curve arithmetic for objects

Discuss 1512846902

Pancake – a CLI/Emacs web/gopher/file browser

Discuss 1512832501

A proxy service for debugging HTTP/S traffic

Discuss 1512832501

Lockbox – simple encryption with key management

Discuss 1512764102

A New, Clean Geolocation API

Discuss 1512749701

Counting Foot Traffic Over IP Webcams

Discuss 1512699301 – simple, secure, password sharing service

Discuss 1512695701

Niche SaaS Idea Generator

Discuss 1512674102

Tax plan impact calculator

Discuss 1512674102

Calculate how the new tax bills will affect you

Discuss 1512598501 – beautiful real estate landing pages in 30 seconds

Discuss 1512580502

Classical Music Only – Discover, Listen and Discuss Classical Music

Discuss 1512566101

Discuss 1512519301

SoS Notebook – Using multiple kernels in one Jupyter notebook

Discuss 1512501302

SeKey: An SSH Agent for OS X, Using Secure Enclave and TouchID, in Rust

Discuss 1512497701

Misocoin – A barebones Bitcoin-like protocol implemented in Python 3.6

Discuss 1512490502

Echo Podcasts – Goodreads for podcasts

Discuss 1512425702

Go Freaking Do It – Smart contract for reaching your goals

Discuss 1512400502

SumEval – Multi-language evaluation framework for text summarization

Discuss 1512371702

Manage raw WebSockets from AWS Lambda using Fanout

Discuss 1512350102

Handwriting for the web

Discuss 1512335701

Graph Playground - Make Graphs/Networks and run Algorithms

Discuss 1512299702

Breach Insider – Detect a data breach using realistic pseudo-users

Discuss 1512292502

ClarifyJs – Overcoming Limits of JavaScript Method Chaining

Discuss 1512234901

Freeciv WebGL 3D

Discuss 1512227702

Listen Notes Podcast Search API

Discuss 1512155702

CoinTray – Bitcoin / Altcoin Exchange Balance Tracker for Mac

Discuss 1512137701

Merchant.js, a state framework for creating idle games

Discuss 1512098102

Ask X anything – AMA shouldn't be a one time thing

Discuss 1512076502

Search for BibTeX references from your terminal

Discuss 1512065702

Promptui – Rich UI elements for cli prompts in Go

Discuss 1511990102

TagUI – Automate web interactions using different native languages

Discuss 1511982902

Shazam-like acoustic fingerprinting of continuous audio streams

Discuss 1511982902

Hacker News client with story filtering

Discuss 1511982901

Angelic-hierarchy, a game about Turing machines, philosophy, and math

Discuss 1511975702

Automatically Thank Patreon Backers with OpenFaaS

Discuss 1511972102

ddgr - search DuckDuckGo from your terminal

Discuss 1511972102

Prime numbers visualization

Discuss 1511972101

Computation at Compile-Time now free online

Discuss 1511957702

Drag and drop dashboard builder based on CxJS and Firebase

Discuss 1511889301


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