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Hacker News 2018, Year in Review

Discuss 1547838902

Musish – Web client for Apple Music

Discuss 1547831702

HTML5 Video Player in TypeScript (DASH/HLS/mp4, React UI)

Discuss 1547820902

10 year challenge with browser history back button

Discuss 1547781301

Shots AI – Turn designs into code with one click

Discuss 1547759701

Json2graphql: From a JSON file to postgres-backed realtime GraphQL

Discuss 1547727302 enables to “docker run” in the clould with a subdomain

Discuss 1547720102

Small project on particle animation, genetic algorithms and plain JS

Discuss 1547651702

Postmake – A directory of 250+ tools and resources for your projects

Discuss 1547637302

Shiny.js simulates reflections on the web for mobile devices

Discuss 1547633702

A tool that helps you focus on startup metrics that matter

Discuss 1547576101

Crowdsourced freelance contract template, written in plain language

Discuss 1547565302

HeyFromTheFuture – Advice people wish they had at your age

Discuss 1547478902

SoundZoom – Microtonal and Isomorphic Keyboard HTML5 App

Discuss 1547471702

Whapp-irc – A simple WhatsApp IRC gateway

Discuss 1547403302

Stensal SDK: Retrofitting C/C++ code with quasi-memory-safety

Discuss 1547342102

A tool to find related subreddits

Discuss 1547266502

FarmNet, an open-source LoRA agricultural sensing/actuation network

Discuss 1547234101

Docker-based immutable workstation

Discuss 1547165702

Send encrypted secrets from the command line

Discuss 1547133301

Shellvault – cloud SSH terminal accessible from any browser

Discuss 1547129702

JournalBook – Privacy centric, offline first, personal journal PWA

Discuss 1547115301

Beat video game addiction

Discuss 1547075702

I taught my little brother js, and he made this videogame in a week

Discuss 1547061302

Over 500 Top PDFs Posted to Hacker News in 2018

Discuss 1547050501

Yggdrasil Network – compact mesh routing experiment for mesh networks

Discuss 1547043301

Markdeck – author cool slides, text-only, offline-ready, collaborative

Discuss 1547032501

Graphite Publishing – A decentralized, user owned blogging platform

Discuss 1546960502

The worst ANSI renderer, except for all the others

Discuss 1546946102

Convert blog articles to high-quality audio

Discuss 1546838102

Mkcert: valid HTTPS certificates for localhost

Discuss 1546838102

Trilium Notes – Scriptable note-taking application

Discuss 1546823702

Record Heat Maps of your PDF document usage

Discuss 1546802102

Founder Stuff – The webpage for founders

Discuss 1546791301

Dimage.js – Never settle for two dimensions

Discuss 1546755302

Ristex – A Parser Combinator Library for RIR Statistics Exchange Files

Discuss 1546719302

I've re-implemented the Doom fire effect in plain JavaScript

Discuss 1546719301

An experimental data-flow analysis tool for JavaScript

Discuss 1546625702

Gaia – Build powerful pipelines in any programming language

Discuss 1546618502

Matrixprofile-ts, a Python library for time series motifs and discords

Discuss 1546614902

A real world Clojure-based on-demand delivery routing system

Discuss 1546607701

Free Hugo Theme – Hugo Hero

Discuss 1546582501

120,000 startup jobs of 2018 visualized

Discuss 1546553702

Jetpack – Webpack made more convenient

Discuss 1546553702

HN.Academy – Top online courses recommended by Hacker News users

Discuss 1546539302

Learn and practice modern JavaScript

Discuss 1546539301

Stowbots – Sort image downloads automatically using deep learning

Discuss 1546413302

OTPCL – Tcl-Flavored Erlang

Discuss 1546334102

Snigl – Forth with Lisp in C

Discuss 1546308901

Autumn – A macOS window manager for (Type|Java)Script hackers

Discuss 1546287302

avenv – an isolated virtualenv

Discuss 1546222502

Lua/LuaJIT with C/C++/Java/JavaScript syntax

Discuss 1546197301

Fincher, a steganography tool for text

Discuss 1546190102

I built a puzzle / programming challenge with a 0.125 BTC prize

Discuss 1546190102

Gorgeous SVG logos perfect for your README or credits page

Discuss 1546182901

Bake – A modular build system and package manager for C/C++

Discuss 1546154101

How long is that Bézier?

Discuss 1546132502

Text Analysis API Demo

Discuss 1546121701

SirixDB (Open Source/Java) – versioning through efficient snapshotting

Discuss 1546071302

LazyCode – C++14 composable, lazily evaluated map, filter, fold

Discuss 1546024501

Open source JavaScript library to record and replay the web

Discuss 1546006502

Pg-extend-rs, easy Postgres extensions in Rust

Discuss 1546006501

Nearly 1,000 best paper awards in the past 33 years of CS conferences

Discuss 1545966902

SirixDB – Storing and Querying of Temporal Data (Java and Open Source)

Discuss 1545916502

QuadTree model for generating random road networks

Discuss 1545891302

Notable – A Markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck

Discuss 1545887701

Free open-source IPTV cloud service

Discuss 1545858902

Software Architecture, all you need to know [pdf]

Discuss 1545830102

A minimal FFT code

Discuss 1545822902

TypeScript to GraphQL conversion tool with type inference

Discuss 1545822901

CoolBeans, an IDE distribution

Discuss 1545776102

Inside Python Dict – an explorable explanation

Discuss 1545725702

Wiv.js – A library for a more wiggly div

Discuss 1545714902

YouRepl – Watch video-tutorials and write code at the same time

Discuss 1545693301

A particle animation christmas greeting card

Discuss 1545664501

Build your own bare-metal ARM cluster

Discuss 1545653702

Magic Grid – A simple JavaScript library for dynamic grid layouts

Discuss 1545632102

AutoComplete.js v2.0

Discuss 1545617701

RedixDB – a fast persistent key-value store with the Redis protocol

Discuss 1545542102

A new spline

Discuss 1545448502

Deleting Facebook got easier. Use these crowd-sourced alternatives!

Discuss 1545408902

Mapping 11M points with Tile38 – Mapbox/Geonames

Discuss 1545351302

Coinboot – a framework for diskless computing

Discuss 1545340501

Serverless POC of Google Analytics Built from Scratch

Discuss 1545326102

Analysis of 2018 Hacker News “Who Is Hiring” Job Posts

Discuss 1545318901

Autodrome – Framework for Development of Self-Driving Cars

Discuss 1545286502

YourNote, a note-taking app that puts users’ data first

Discuss 1545228902

CoolQLCool – Turn Websites into GraphQL Accessible APIs

Discuss 1545218102

A new annotation tool for information extraction with Mechanical Turk

Discuss 1545214502

Programming FTDI devices in Python

Discuss 1545210902

DPAGE – build and publish webpages on the decentralized internet

Discuss 1545167702

I analyzed the HN book recommendations thread, here are the results

Discuss 1545149701

Discuss 1545135302

Goldpinger – Visualise Kubernetes cluster connectivity

Discuss 1545135302

Fancy fonts you can use almost anywhere

Discuss 1545124502

Bubblin – Bandcamp for books

Discuss 1545110101

Fully-automatic image background removal tool

Discuss 1545095701

Hardware-agnostic library for near-term quantum machine learning

Discuss 1545077701

LEAR – A simple and fast HTTP server to serve static resources

Discuss 1545074103

VPNHome – 1-click, self-hosted OpenVPN deployment and management app

Discuss 1545074102

KubeDB 0.9.0 is released

Discuss 1545059702

Single-header C++11 HTML document constructor

Discuss 1544998502

My 7th Grade Young Entrepreneur Project -- interactive holiday cards

Discuss 1544994901

PuBilling – Embeddable and beautiful billing portal for your SaaS app

Discuss 1544987701

CHIP-8 console implemented in FPGA

Discuss 1544912102

Stock Trading with Insomnia REST Client and Alpaca API

Discuss 1544843701

Revealer – seed phrase visual encryption backup tool

Discuss 1544825701

Vitriol – distributed, serverless publishing platform

Discuss 1544796901

Try running deep learning inference on Raspberry Pi

Discuss 1544778902

Minimal Google Analytics Snippet

Discuss 1544775301

Vaex - Out of Core Dataframes for Python and Fast Visualization

Discuss 1544771702

How to launch a Linux GUI in under 5 minutes

Discuss 1544728501

High-performance ahead-of-time compiler/optimizer for Machine Learning

Discuss 1544703302

Free and open source home for art made with code

Discuss 1544642102

Strength News – A HN inspired website for sport and gym enthusiasts

Discuss 1544638502

Writing a book in public

Discuss 1544613302

Debucsser, CSS debugging made easy

Discuss 1544577302

Egeria, a multidimensional spreadsheet for everybody

Discuss 1544555701

Rendora – Dynamic server-side rendering for modern JavaScript websites

Discuss 1544505302

Minimal game with procedural graphics in JavaScript/GLSL

Discuss 1544472901

Failory 2.0 – Learn How to Build a Profitable Startup

Discuss 1544469302

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doug Engelbart's Great Demo

Discuss 1544444101

A mobile friendly web based countries of the world game

Discuss 1544411702

Do you know for which country you need visa? I made visalist for that

Discuss 1544368502

Smart contract decompiler that uses symbolic execution

Discuss 1544253302

The road of running Nginx with WebAssembly

Discuss 1544202902

Supportify – Support your top Spotify artists by buying on Bandcamp

Discuss 1544184902

Coinmarketcap replacement with free JSON API

Discuss 1544174101

AlphaZero Science paper

Discuss 1544127302

Stack Decisions – see why tools are being chosen

Discuss 1544120101

A beautiful car emissions calculator you'll love

Discuss 1544116502

Run Puppeteer on AWS Lambda

Discuss 1544102102

In NSW, if Google doesn't track you, you can't pay Public School fees

Discuss 1544084101

Next Browser native on Linux

Discuss 1544022902

Stock Trading from Google Spreadsheet

Discuss 1544008501

Enophp – PHP library for the eno notation language

Discuss 1543986902

Dark Reader extension – dark mode for every website

Discuss 1543932902 – emails from the internet's gibberish form fills

Discuss 1543886102

McFly, a smart Bash history search CLI in Rust with a neural network

Discuss 1543878902

Lambdo – Feature engineering and machine learning together at last

Discuss 1543864502

Automatically delete your negative point HN comments

Discuss 1543846502

Shorten your strings using common abbreviations

Discuss 1543806903

Distributed blockchain experiment written in Ruby

Discuss 1543806902

Crowdsourced Language Learning Site

Discuss 1543749302

Harmony of the Spheres – Gravity Simulator

Discuss 1543745701

Advent of Pixels – 24 Beautiful Designs

Discuss 1543742101

A cross-platform open-source 3d modeling software

Discuss 1543666501

Pdftilecut – cut PDF pages into tiles

Discuss 1543655702

Tabulator – Easy-to-use JavaScript library for interactive tables

Discuss 1543608901

End-to-end LTE example with Docker and emulated radio

Discuss 1543598102

The Reader View of Wikipedia

Discuss 1543594501

An experimental code search engine

Discuss 1543558502

Arcentry – Create Interactive Cloud Diagrams

Discuss 1543508102

Introducing the Template Store for OpenFaaS

Discuss 1543500902

I am open sourcing my wedding website on my first anniversary

Discuss 1543450502

An opensource collaborative whiteboard

Discuss 1543425301

A sample project for Golang

Discuss 1543410902

A tool to make a bot that speaks like you, learning from WhatsApp chats

Discuss 1543378501

ChangeOver – A new IDE

Discuss 1543367701

Extract main ideas in your texts with SummarizeBot

Discuss 1543360501

How my simple notepad app went from zero to 10k monthly users

Discuss 1543241701

CLOR – Share your YC application with investors

Discuss 1543216502

Ulangi App – Make learning vocabulary easier

Discuss 1543187702

Avanor – avalanche observation platform

Discuss 1543176901 – Race to solve generated mazes

Discuss 1543173302

Scatterstocks – visualize the impact of news on stock prices

Discuss 1543133702

Open Source Suite for Binary Analysis, Based on QEmu and LLVM

Discuss 1543115701

A funny rap song about the pains of pair programming

Discuss 1543094101

Twiverse – Find diverse Twitter users and get more followers

Discuss 1543061701

Nnn – a terminal file manager for programmers

Discuss 1543050901 – Your Gateway to the Distributed Web

Discuss 1543032902

C# Color Space Converter

Discuss 1543011301

We've built Slack emulator to demo our Slack bot

Discuss 1542928502

Serverless boilerplate to get started quickly

Discuss 1542914101

The Google Cemetery – A list of dead Google products and why they died

Discuss 1542892502

Power point slide builder with handwriting

Discuss 1542892502

Easy to use curl command to send email notifications

Discuss 1542827702

Tcpkit: a tcp/udp sniffer, allow user analyze packet with lua

Discuss 1542806102

Automatically turn your blog posts into emails for your readers

Discuss 1542748502

Free genetic reports from your genome

Discuss 1542737702

Shortcut Roulette – Dangerous, unhelpful shortcut for iOS 12

Discuss 1542730502

Set up a production ready GraphQL backend in a few minutes

Discuss 1542716101

SkillUpper – practice coding interview questions step-by-step

Discuss 1542676501

Self-Driving Pi Car

Discuss 1542651301

Organize machine learning experiments

Discuss 1542644102

Funky – Easier, flexible, and more interactive shell functions

Discuss 1542640501

Airsessment – Practice job interviews, public speaking and more

Discuss 1542633302

Share one-liner command snippets

Discuss 1542618902

All-pair similarity search on millions of sets in Python and on laptop

Discuss 1542600901

Simple note-taking and blogging

Discuss 1542597302

Don't code your UI, draw it

Discuss 1542564902

Hundreds of founders launching startups on Twitch right now

Discuss 1542485702

Gmail Classic – CSS for Reverting Gmail's New Look

Discuss 1542471302

RTCTunnel, build network tunnels over WebRTC

Discuss 1542464101

Find a Study Buddy for your MOOC

Discuss 1542388501 – A website to collect stories about bad recruiters

Discuss 1542377701

Quicksy – Jabber with phone number verification and contact discovery

Discuss 1542305702

An experimental Github/trending User Interface

Discuss 1542294901

Edabit – It's Like Duolingo for Learning to Code

Discuss 1542219301

Smallest Node.js Docker images

Discuss 1542212101

Mobile Patterns – Design inspiration gallery for successful mobile apps

Discuss 1542208502

Group video chat with no signups or downloads

Discuss 1542194101

Squally – A Game to Teach Low Level Computer Science

Discuss 1542154502

Rebuilt My CSS Grid Generator with Vue.js

Discuss 1542129302

TensorSpace.js – Neural network 3D visualization framework

Discuss 1542129302 – free pizza for usergroups, meetups, hackathons, talks

Discuss 1542050103

WebRTTY – Share a terminal session over WebRTC

Discuss 1542050102

HomelabOS – Ansible scripts to deploy self hosted cloud services

Discuss 1542050102

The JavaScript Handbook

Discuss 1542035702

WriteFreely – minimalist, federated blogging platform

Discuss 1542032102

Convert a Markdown Doc to WordPress Posts and Pages

Discuss 1541999702

100x Faster Slicing of SCAD Files for 3D Printing

Discuss 1541978101

Google Earth for live radios

Discuss 1541963702

Opunit Simple unit tests for servers and containers

Discuss 1541956502

MindForger Markdown IDE – Autolinking, MathJax Menu and CSV Export

Discuss 1541906103

Tztail – View logs in the timezone you want

Discuss 1541880901

Extended Isolation Forest for anomaly detection

Discuss 1541812502

Vyne – Automated API Orchestration

Discuss 1541769301

Graph based notebook for data scientists and researchers

Discuss 1541765702 – Ultra simple time series data storage

Discuss 1541675701

Cruip – Free landing page templates for startups

Discuss 1541614502

Affinity.js – A simple view component library with store

Discuss 1541614501

Lima, a Swift-based DSL for responsive iOS development

Discuss 1541603702

Predict how well people will react to your writing

Discuss 1541582101

TabNine, an autocompleter for all languages

Discuss 1541528101

Codeadvice – Create, edit and collaborate on code online

Discuss 1541481301 – stop email interruptions; receive emails max 3 times a day

Discuss 1541434502

Vitriol – a distributed, serverless web publishing platform

Discuss 1541423701

Millow – Stay connected with your inner circle

Discuss 1541412902

Interactive implementation of the NIST Blockchain use case flow chart

Discuss 1541398502 – Elixir conference videos on one page

Discuss 1541391302

Hacker Dig – Digging Ideas from Hacker News

Discuss 1541376903

Above-average products selling for below-average prices

Discuss 1541376902

Technical note app that builds a knowledge base

Discuss 1541358902

Simple Budgeting

Discuss 1541348102

Interactive Jobs Board Dedicated to Data-Related Roles

Discuss 1541322902

HTML-Notepad – A WYSIWYG editor of structured documents

Discuss 1541319301

Detect which iOS devices are used on your site

Discuss 1541265302

Glorious Demo – Create animations for your code samples

Discuss 1541178901

Not Depressing News – News that isn't horribly depressing

Discuss 1541124902

Newshound – a news aggregator for daily news from around the world

Discuss 1541110502

A realtime node-based audio synth based on LLVM

Discuss 1541078102

Vue Dark Mode – A Minimalist Dark Design System for Vue.js

Discuss 1541074502

Gravity – Kubernetes snapshots for on-premise deployments

Discuss 1541020501

Basilica – word2vec for anything

Discuss 1541006102

I made a simple feedback platform for designers

Discuss 1541002501

Giraffe – Functional ASP.NET Core web framework for F#

Discuss 1540952102

Space invaders but the invaders evolve with genetic algorithm

Discuss 1540926902

Jobs Done – A ritual app for ending the work day inspired by Deep Work

Discuss 1540923301

CryptoProof – post proofs to the Ethereum blockchain for free

Discuss 1540905302

SQL Trainer – try and learn 12 popular sql queries

Discuss 1540905301

Astro-Bot – A programming question with every new tab

Discuss 1540890901

Stay with founders in San Francisco

Discuss 1540862102

Vespene – My new Python CI/CD and automation server written in Django

Discuss 1540833302

An ImageNet-like dataset of Reddit self-posts

Discuss 1540822501

Share company announcements in your coworkers' new tab

Discuss 1540818902

Algojammer – an experimental Python code editor inspired by Bret Victor

Discuss 1540786503

Flexible command line tool to create graphs from CSV data

Discuss 1540786502

Visualize Your Rails App to ER Diagram Automatically

Discuss 1540779302

ReadHNLater – A HN PWA with a “Read It Later” Feature

Discuss 1540775702

S-1 Reader – IPO prospectuses that aren't eyesores

Discuss 1540768502 – a music sequencer inspired by turtle graphics

Discuss 1540768502

How much is my life costing now

Discuss 1540761302

Whack – A simply-designed compiled programming language

Discuss 1540714501

Monica – Personal CRM, Remember everything about friends and family

Discuss 1540710902

A note-taking web app that won't ever betray you

Discuss 1540674902

An ASCII z-depth world (view source)

Discuss 1540667701

DIY robot to physically replay the mobile motions of your users

Discuss 1540656902

I wrote a BASIC interpreter, in golang

Discuss 1540642502

A tool to translate images across languages

Discuss 1540588502

TeXMe: Self-Rendering Markdown and LaTeX Documents

Discuss 1540548901

I made a script to generate self-signed SSL certs for local development

Discuss 1540538102

Toodles – Project management directly from the TODO's in your code

Discuss 1540491302

WebGazer - Simple and Affordable Website Monitoring Service

Discuss 1540484101

IronDB – a resilient key-value store for the browser

Discuss 1540419302

Relica – Cross-platform local, remote, and multi-cloud file backups

Discuss 1540401302

up – a tool for writing Linux pipes with instant live preview

Discuss 1540401302

C++ Http-Live-Streaming Server built with Oat++ framework

Discuss 1540343702

Orac – Filter news from social media using AI

Discuss 1540314902

Websites in 2018

Discuss 1540314901

GroupImg update accelerate k-means with multiprocessing to group images

Discuss 1540246502

Hyde – An out-of-line C++ library documentation tool

Discuss 1540232102

termwm: A floating WM of terminals inside your terminal

Discuss 1540156501

FFdynamic – Extend FFmpeg with A/V process composition, runtime control

Discuss 1540152901

SQL Viewer – UI for uber/queryparser, written in Haskell

Discuss 1540142102

Webpage to PDF Microservice

Discuss 1540106102

Lipreading with Deep Learning

Discuss 1540066501

Optimage – Advanced image optimization tool

Discuss 1539987302

Applying for jobs? Manage all your interviews in one place

Discuss 1539976502

A cookie stealer disguised as a GIF image

Discuss 1539962102

Occupod – a solid mobile sleeping shelter

Discuss 1539929701

Coffee Chat – Trade your expertise

Discuss 1539897302

Meeting Stats – Show your boss how much of your life is in meetings

Discuss 1539893702

Beat my tank through strategy and programming

Discuss 1539864902

App Academy Open – Free Online Coding Bootcamp

Discuss 1539803702

How to start a business in France

Discuss 1539760502

Mole – an open source tool to easily create ssh tunnels

Discuss 1539760502

Serverless Free Text Search with AWS Lambda

Discuss 1539756902

All Clear Weather – creating new live weather datasets with ML

Discuss 1539756901

GraphQL lib for real-time apps

Discuss 1539720902

YC Hackathon without writing code

Discuss 1539717302

Personal avatar generator built in ReasonML

Discuss 1539713702

Polar – an offline web browser with annotations and tagging

Discuss 1539699302

Dangless — create non-dangling pointers (master thesis)

Discuss 1539677702

Physically Based Rendering – Online Edition

Discuss 1539620102

I Built a Metasearch Engine with React, Redux, Express and TypeScript

Discuss 1539609302

UXHunt – Your Daily Dose of UX Intelligence (and Our Side Project)

Discuss 1539594901

A JavaScript budgeting app that implements a KNN to make predictions

Discuss 1539591302

Dynamic perler patterns (fuse bead recipes)

Discuss 1539587702

Oat++ – Zero-dependency C++ framework for high-performance web services

Discuss 1539576902

Experience Colorblindness on the Web

Discuss 1539573302

Pictureddit – different subreddits different photos

Discuss 1539562501

Lisp with copying GC in 537 lines of C (plus Lisp 1.5 on top)

Discuss 1539551701

I made a programming language with Spotify playlists

Discuss 1539533701

Back endLab – code free web app back end builder

Discuss 1539530101

Comprehensive Tutorials in Deep Learning Using TensorFlow

Discuss 1539497701

FaaStRuby 0.2 released – feedback appreciated

Discuss 1539400502

CSS Grid Playground in Webflow

Discuss 1539382502

Callbaxx.js – A utility library to bring callbacks to synchronous code

Discuss 1539375302

WebRTC signalling data using QR codes

Discuss 1539360902

Percollate – a command-line tool to grab web pages as PDFs

Discuss 1539332102

StrongDM – 1 click access to any database or server in any environment

Discuss 1539274502

Tableau-Like Data Visualizations in JavaScript

Discuss 1539270901

Test Your Culture – What's your (English-speaking) cultural knowledge?

Discuss 1539098102

WebRTC implementation for Python using asyncio

Discuss 1539004501

Firebase2graphql: Migrate from Firebase to Realtime GraphQL on Postgres

Discuss 1539000903

Introducing the “Alan” low code platform

Discuss 1539000903

Compact Sparse Merkle Trees – Efficient Non-Membership Proofs

Discuss 1539000902

Res(ts): Auto-Generate TypeScript Models for Django Projects

Discuss 1538943301

CoinMarketBook – CoinMarketCap, but with a different metric

Discuss 1538921702

Pure CSS toggle Web component

Discuss 1538918101

Executing a 51% attack on a real live CryptoCurrency, livestream

Discuss 1538900102

We built a code school for Fortnite players

Discuss 1538867702

Fork, a toy self-hosting language and compiler that compiles to C

Discuss 1538864101

Trigonoparty – JavaScript trigonometry visualization

Discuss 1538842501

Markdown page – Create a web page with nothing but markdown

Discuss 1538831702

Monero Web Miner for Low-Tech Static Sites

Discuss 1538792102

Bitdog – a completely hackable home automation toolset

Discuss 1538694902 – Share encrypted files with randomly generated links

Discuss 1538666102

A simple resource for finding and trying variable fonts

Discuss 1538655302

Portal Cloud – VPN Service for Teams

Discuss 1538604902

Should I Send It? Helping you understand your mood in emails

Discuss 1538590503

Solo – Open-source FIDO2 security key

Discuss 1538590502

JohnnyDepp – A tiny dependency manager for modern browsers (862 bytes)

Discuss 1538579702

A website that converts any IPFS file to HLS and reups it to IPFS

Discuss 1538576102

ekill – Like xkill, but for annoying web page elements

Discuss 1538525701

Voice Overlay for iOS and Android Apps

Discuss 1538511303

My implemented vision of a PIM

Discuss 1538511302

I made a list of programmers coding live

Discuss 1538500502

Day of the Dead website with 12 Free illustrations

Discuss 1538493302

Vulkan bindings for JavaScript

Discuss 1538471701

Rubik's cube variants in different shapes and sizes using canvas 2D API

Discuss 1538460901

MicroMDM – Open Source MDM Server for Apple Devices

Discuss 1538453702

Concrete Calculator for your weekend projects around the house

Discuss 1538410503

We made a real-time editor for web database apps. Looking for feedback

Discuss 1538410502

An Easy Programming Language That Runs in the Browser

Discuss 1538396101

Pictureddit – Reddit pictures with wiki info

Discuss 1538378101

DNS rebinding protection for Express.js

Discuss 1538345702

Docute – Fast way to create a documentation site

Discuss 1538331302

Oh Caption – Crowdsourced Image Description Plugin

Discuss 1538266501

Build your own Rodak - portable Kodak Brownie powered by Raspberry Pi

Discuss 1538237702

Strife, a 2d game library for Go

Discuss 1538234102

A simple GUI app to make Linux touchpad gestures easier

Discuss 1538230502

Leptus – The Erlang REST framework (new release)

Discuss 1538219702

Minimal Bookmarking Site

Discuss 1538216102

Fiets – Opinionated feed reader (and filter)

Discuss 1538154902

Kubespy, a CLI tool for observing Kubernetes resources in real time

Discuss 1538104502

Browsertron – Run all your Selenium tests in parallel

Discuss 1538090102

Variables War, a kid-friendly code playing-cards game

Discuss 1538072101

Search for a domain expert on Reddit

Discuss 1538057702

Trolley lets you take payments from your static site

Discuss 1538032502

Memex – annotate and instantly recall any website

Discuss 1538028902

You Need Feeds – Introduce friends/family/workmates to RSS and webfeeds

Discuss 1538021702

Apify SDK – A scalable web crawling and scraping library for JavaScript

Discuss 1538010902

You Don't Need WordPress

Discuss 1537982101 – 10x Faster API debugging

Discuss 1537971302

Chelodina – A Logo-to-Python Transpiler

Discuss 1537931702

Meetter – Reduce time wasted by meetings

Discuss 1537917301

Vue.js applications that interact with Ethereum smart contracts

Discuss 1537892102

Podflix – Like Netflix for Podcasts

Discuss 1537845302

Plash – Build and run containers

Discuss 1537827302

Mastering Modular JavaScript

Discuss 1537820102

A new protocol for packet radio including ECDSA and compression

Discuss 1537802101

Python library to create Siri Shortcuts

Discuss 1537737302 S-expression based, pure ES6 UI/VDOM components

Discuss 1537715702

VNote 2.0 provides the best PlantUML edit experience via Preview Tunnel

Discuss 1537679701

Super Smooth Tab View – Made with Pure CSS3 and JavaScript

Discuss 1537560901

Solo, open source FIDO2 security key

Discuss 1537485301

Hacking slot machines with a buttonhole camera and brute-force search

Discuss 1537478102

NuScenes – largest open-source self-driving dataset ever

Discuss 1537460102

SAN – a Safe and Nice TOML/YAML Alternative

Discuss 1537431302

Sublime Merge – Git, Done Sublime

Discuss 1537431301

Found a serious data breach at a bikeshare and how to unlock bikes

Discuss 1537409702

I made a privacy-first minimalist Google Analytics

Discuss 1537370102

Panther – A browser testing and web crawling library for PHP

Discuss 1537298102

Visual CSS Grid Editor

Discuss 1537294502

My new SaaS side-project, after years of open source

Discuss 1537262102

JPL Space Calendar iCalendar Support

Discuss 1537233302

Arc Studio Pro – Collaborative Editing/Version Control for Screenplays

Discuss 1537193702

Creating Land-Use Maps with an HP 7475A Plotter

Discuss 1537172101

Simplified music notation

Discuss 1537136102

Feedseer – A Mastodon instance to filter out posts based on content

Discuss 1537114502

Lunar Lander type game with computational fluid dynamics

Discuss 1537017302

re:consent – browser extension which helps you manage consent settings

Discuss 1536999302

Condor – A library for building scalable TCP servers in Erlang

Discuss 1536995702

TechYaks – Best of 50k tech talks ranked by confidence intervals

Discuss 1536948902

The world’s first silent, wearable breast pump

Discuss 1536945302

rwtxt – a space for reading and writing text

Discuss 1536941703

Qwant – An excellent alternative to Google

Discuss 1536941702

Guitar Dashboard – Open source music theory explorer for guitarists

Discuss 1536941702

Uplink – Build Reusable Objects for Consuming Web APIs

Discuss 1536923701

Mindstamp – Make Any Video Interactive in Seconds

Discuss 1536912902

Design and Simulate Molecules in Virtual Reality

Discuss 1536905702 – Multiplayer Skillshot Arena HTML5 Game

Discuss 1536884102

A UI for generating WebAudio code

Discuss 1536851702

Snipper – Lets you collaborate on the same code in real time

Discuss 1536837303

Start a small crowdfunding campaign to prove product demand

Discuss 1536837302

MAWD – Simple web accessibility testing for developers

Discuss 1536747302

Galiboo – An A.I.-powered API for music

Discuss 1536646502

Anycoin Trending – Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Newsfeed

Discuss 1536639302

Google Photos API (now fully available)

Discuss 1536628502

Build presentations with reveal.js and Scala

Discuss 1536614101

Hacklily – sheet music editor

Discuss 1536599701

Namegine – find the best name for your start up or product

Discuss 1536596102 – Complete GitHub profiles

Discuss 1536588901

Zero – Local file system transparently swapping to the cloud

Discuss 1536563702

Prod – Blocks addictive websites until you've finished your to-do list

Discuss 1536527702

SearchMage – Infinite Scrolling and Filtering

Discuss 1536470102

Linuxify – Transform the MacOS CLI into a GNU/Linux CLI Experience

Discuss 1536441302

Interactive Portraits with Speech Synthesis

Discuss 1536441302

Reminiscence, self-hosted bookmark manager and personal wayback machine

Discuss 1536437701

Micro JavaScript framework inspired by finite-state machine

Discuss 1536383701

A simple golang utility to ease deployments via SSH and SCP

Discuss 1536336902

Clipboard Plus, free and open sourced clipboard manager for windows

Discuss 1536322502

BitMidi – Wayback machine for old-school MIDI files

Discuss 1536282902

HuggyList: A micro-blogging platform in list format only

Discuss 1536272102

Interactive Calculus via LaTeX

Discuss 1536261301

Py-spy – A new sampling profiler for Python programs

Discuss 1536254102

Snowy – a new image library for Python

Discuss 1536167702

Vim-which-key: Vim port of emacs-which-key

Discuss 1536149702

Nodebook – Minimalist Node REPL with Web UI

Discuss 1536149702

AgentMaps – Turn maps into living societies

Discuss 1536102902 – learn k8s on real infrastructure

Discuss 1536077702

Chat with people around you

Discuss 1536063302

Select Star SQL, an interactive SQL book

Discuss 1536023701

A simple order page for freelancers

Discuss 1535984102

New Game Written in Octaspire Dern; Lightcube

Discuss 1535976901

feediary – RSS reader with zero tracking and zero ads

Discuss 1535973302

2048.cpp – Play 2048 in directly your terminal

Discuss 1535908502

Permafrost Engine – OpenGL 3.3 Real Time Strategy Engine in C

Discuss 1535782502

Portable matrix multiplication library

Discuss 1535771702

Proven – keybase powered alt to Twitter's verified. Now with HN support

Discuss 1535728502

A smarthome dashboard concept using zircle-ui

Discuss 1535613302

I'm 12, learning JS, and wrote Wolfram's cellular automaton in Node

Discuss 1535573702

De-sk, modular office desk system

Discuss 1535472902

Arcentry API – Programmable Cloud Diagrams

Discuss 1535472902

Efficient data loading using zeta distributions

Discuss 1535422501

Ledger-analytics – Analytics for ledger-cli

Discuss 1535379302

Making Slack better with BetterSlack

Discuss 1535375702

Quetree – A Q&A site that is tree-based and hierarchical

Discuss 1535336101

How privacy-friendly is your site?

Discuss 1535310902

Remote jobs for people with disabilities

Discuss 1535120102

Reducing the size PCSA to that of HyperLogLog

Discuss 1535066102

BuzzFeed open source SSO

Discuss 1535044501

I'm sorry, I put Windows 95 into an Electron App

Discuss 1535037301

I am X years old and [Google autocomplete]

Discuss 1535026502

Crypto Table – A Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies

Discuss 1534986902

SVG 3D Builder – Build 3D Models with SVG

Discuss 1534936501

Agile Dieting

Discuss 1534871702

A single command terminal configuration installer

Discuss 1534864501

Create your own man pages so you can remember how to do stuff

Discuss 1534734901

Umbrella JS, a 2.5kb jQuery alternative

Discuss 1534691702

FreshJobs – An aggregator of junior and entry-level jobs

Discuss 1534670102

Interactive Wallpaper animated art tool (symmetry groups)

Discuss 1534601701

TinyGo – Go compiler(based on LLVM) for microcontrollers

Discuss 1534580102

Map of Related Books for “Designing Data Intensive Apps”

Discuss 1534572902

Favioli – Replace blank tab icons with unique per-domain emoji

Discuss 1534554902

Find recommendations from good people

Discuss 1534518901

A free and open-source command line note organizer

Discuss 1534511702

git-bug – Distributed bug tracker embedded in git

Discuss 1534511701

I made where writers can earn money with book summaries

Discuss 1534508102

P2p IRC-inspired browser chat on WebTorrent

Discuss 1534500902

Eno – A lightning fast, user-friendly YAML/TOML alternative

Discuss 1534454101 – Real-time public polls using RethinkDB

Discuss 1534439701

Greetings cards that don't skirt around your emotions

Discuss 1534436102

Wayland compositor in around 500 lines of annotated C

Discuss 1534425302

A chrome extension that fades out old links on HN/Reddit/News sites

Discuss 1534403701

Simple way to obtain pseudorandomness from CPU context switch in Go

Discuss 1534389301

Unyt – Handle, manipulate, and convert data with units in Python

Discuss 1534349702

A Go implementation of TensorFlow's streaming quantiles estimator

Discuss 1534346102


Discuss 1534317301

Rb – Turns Ruby into a versatile command line utility

Discuss 1534220102

A syntax-diagram generator for rust's macro_rules()

Discuss 1534191303

Discuss 1534191302

HSTR – easily view, navigate, search and manage your shell history

Discuss 1534187703

trackerjacker: like nmap for wifi + triggers

Discuss 1534187702

A successful side project in medical devices

Discuss 1534187702

Comprehensive list of 8000+ startups “Funded in 2017”

Discuss 1534176901

Google Open Source Blog: OpenMetrics Project Accepted into CNCF Sandbox

Discuss 1534158902

Just Get Me Food

Discuss 1534112101


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